TECO Smart Scrubber
Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

New simple design developed with reputable European OEM partner, AVL

TECO Smart Scrubber is designed to not need dry-dock, installation will take place during ships normal operation while the tower is installed at anchorage or alongside. TECO has extended experience from being involved in over 100 scrubber installations, experiences, and lessons learned. Our Scrubbers are compatible with engines ranging from 5 - 60 MW. 


Scrubbing down to 0,1% Sulphur


Low complexity, high quality

No Chemicals

Run both dry and wet

The system is 100% standardized

No need for individual system engineering

Easy operation, and low need for training of ship crew

Documentation immediately after contract signing

Pipe installation can start «tomorrow», 4 months prior to tower delivery

Turn-key solution, 3D scanning, installation, commissioning and service, while in operation

Low maintenance cost

A cost-effective solution

20 years of operational simulation completed

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